Safe Onboard: Hygiene Products You Can Carry on an Airplaine


Even before the new carry on restrictions, traditional hygiene products were a danger to anything else in your luggage. Rather than planning on double bagging and checking your bag, or buying sample sizes of your favorite products, consider alternate versions of your favorite beauty products. These products are formulated with minimal moisture and feature less additives, which also has the added benefit of taking up less space for the same amount of product. Make the switch to some of these products and reap the benefits while sailing through security during your next trip.

Bar shampoo has long been ignored in favor of liquid varieties, but new luxurious shampoo bars have recently gained popularity. By adding essential oils and natural ingredients instead of water and preservatives, companies make products which help your hair retain natural oils. Online you can find a variety of formulas, ranging from gentle formulas for dry hair to more stringent cleansers for those that have oily hair. The same herbs and essential oils that provided the cleansing properties of these bars also offer relaxing aromatherapy as you wash your hair.

Many of the brands that offer bar shampoo also have statements against animal testing and chemically altered products. Longtime users also claim that your hair is healthier while using all natural shampoo. If you use a moisturizing shampoo bar you may not even need conditioner. However, conditioner bars are also available from most brands.

Even if you regularly use bar soap in the shower at home, consider switching formulas when you travel. Soap is famous for drying out skin, making adding moisture with lotion a necessary step. Eliminate the need for lotion with a moisturizing body bar. Look for a bar soap that contains natural oils or nut butters.

If you wear makeup, consider using powdered products for the duration of your trip. Often makeup in powdered form is far less heavy than its liquid counterpart, making it perfect for a breezy summer vacation. There are hundreds of products to choose from, ranging from powdered foundation to mascara. Some of these products are even better than liquid formulas. Cake mascara, for example, is often used on the runway to produce thick lashes and is relatively inexpensive.

Another luxury that is often used for its superior quality are shaving bars. Before the invention of shaving cream, a brush and bar were used to create the lather needed to shave. Now men are discovering the superiority of the brush and bar method to help raise hairs for a closer shave.

Even if you are skeptical of making the switch, consider packing a few of these products in your carry on while checking your liquid products. If your bags get lost, you can take a long luxurious bath while you wait for them to be recovered.